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DARGIL sees the game not only as a hobby but also as a strong communication tool in order to inform, increase public awareness, make people think, participate and act.

DARGIL Uygulamaları

  • Bineromania

    Simpler than Sudoku, As Much Fun and More Addictive Fill in the grids with 0's and 1's by respecting 3 simple rules: 1/ Equal number of 0's et 1's on each column and row 2/ No more (...)

    • Google Play: (389)
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    • Fiyat: ÜCRETSİZ
  • The Moskies

    Fight Malaria for real by downloading The Moskies The Moskies is a brand new concept of crowd-funding in the context of the fight against malaria. Every download supports direct (...)

    • Google Play: (12)
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    • Fiyat: EUR 0,99